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Non District Courses

For questions, please contact our Registrar, Sarah Sirota: 


HOW and WHY?

  • Advancement (to get into a higher level course in the following academic year): Summer Deadline/Process
  • Enrichment (for personal interest; taking this course does not impact student's schedule for next year)
  • Graduation Requirement Fulfillment (to replace taking a graduation requirement during the school year)
  • Remediation (to earn a higher grade for a course in which a D or F was originally earned)


Please CLICK HERE to visit the district website for even more information!

    • It is the responsibility of the student/family to ensure that the NDC/institution meets the following criteria:
      • WASC/ASC accredited
      • UC/CSU approved
      • The institution provides a letter grade and academic credits for the course
      • The institution provides an official transcript ("official academic record" or "official grade report" is not sufficient)
    • Students wishing to remediate a grade of D or F may do so by enrolling in an equivalent NDC for high school credit. Both the original (SRVUSD) grade, as well as the remediated (NDC) grade, will appear on the SRVUSD transcript.
    • Courses specifically designated as Credit Recovery will not be accepted. (Credit Recovery courses do not cover all standards)  Students must complete the full semester or year long course..
    • Upon completion of the NDC, an official transcript showing course completion must be submitted to the Registrar at the student's high school. Transcripts should be sent directly from the institution via mail, email or fax to the student's high school. Alternatively, students may hand-carry an official (sealed) transcript to the main office at their high school. Students who would like the NDC posted to their high school transcript must also submit an "Application to Place Non-District Coursework on the SRVUSD Transcript" form before the SRVUSD term deadline.
    • During the academic year, students must be enrolled in a minimum of five classes at their SRVUSD high school. A NDC can be taken as a sixth or seventh course.
    • Students are able to put up to 40 credits of non-SRVUSD coursework on their their high school transcript, but are limited to 20 credits per academic year, and 20 credits in any given subject area.
    • Post-secondary courses of 1-2 credits will earn five credits on the SRVUSD transcript; post-secondary courses of 3+ credits will earn ten credits on the SRVUSD transcript.