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MVHS ISPE Coordinator
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MVHS Assistant Principal 
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Independent Study PE


Independent Study Physical Education (ISPE) is an educational option approved by the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. ISPE affords students the opportunity to extend physical education learning activities beyond the school campus and regular school hours. ISPE allows students advanced study in activities not normally available in the District’s physical education program.
In order to qualify, students must participate in an individual sport (no team sports are permitted), work with a one-on-one coach AND meet one of the following criteria:
● Student is an exceptionally gifted athlete who is competing at the regional, state, or national competition level within the school year in an individual sport. No team sports are permitted.
● Student has an impacted schedule due to a special academic support program.
● Student wishes to take an advanced level PE program the school is not offering.

APPLY FOR 2024-2025

If you plan to do ISPE next year, you NEED to fill out and submit the online application linked above by March 29, 2024.  Along with the application is the course policy, parent release and expectations. You have to apply for ISPE and be approved each year.
Please link to the district website page titled Independent Study Physical Education Program (ISPE). All pertinent information about the program, including the application deadline and the acceptance notification timeline, is included here.