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Course Catalog and Academic Planning


Course Planning

The SRVUSD 2022-23 Course Catalog provides information regarding course requirements and a brief description of each class by department. It also notes university designations for college admission requirements within the California public universtiy system (CSU/UC colleges). For example:  Art 1, Theater Arts 1, Orchestra, and Women’s Ensemble are all designated as "Performing Fine Arts" courses for college admission and Fine Art credit for graduation requirements, whereas Culinary Arts 1 is a "Vocational/Applied Art" and not accepted for college admission requirements, but counts for high school graduation. These notes do not apply to college requirements for private institutions or piublic colleges outside of California.
Monte Vista Counselors are an invauable resource for planning four-year high school plans for earning a high school diploma, as well as preparing for two-year colleges, four-year colleges, or other post-high school endeavours. Students should talk with their alpha couselor and review the back of the MV Course Selection Form for grade-level classes available / suggested to enroll in.

Online Scheduling Process

SRVUSD high school students are required to use the scheduling feature in Infnite Campus to enroll in courses each spring.
  • Your username is: mv.firstinitiallastname (ex for John Smith is jsmith)
  • Your password is: ID#XXXXXX (unless you have changed it already)
  • To access the Student Portal, click here(opens in March)
  • Change your password on the first login, if prompted: It should be something secure. 6 to 8 characters in length. It should not spell anything, and it must contain letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Helpful hints:
    • Search by course name
    • Do not use computer with Windows 8 as some students experienced issues in the past.
    • If having trouble, try another computer. If it continues, come into the MV Counseling office.
    • Scroll to bottom of screen to find “Request this Course” tab.
    • Remember to include Alternate Courses in your forms!
Remember that completing your Course Selection Form in a timely manner means that you have the best chance to have courses available to you. 
If you experience any problems logging in, please contact the Tech Support Department at