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Naviance Student 
Naviance Student (the student/parent portal for Naviance) is a web-based service designed especially for planning and exploring your college options. Naviance Student is a comprehensive website that students and parents can use to help in making decisions about courses, colleges, and careers. Our Counselors and College and Career Center will use it to track and analyze data about college and career plans; it provides up-to-date information that is specific to our school. Naviance Student also lets us share information with parents and students about up-coming college visits, summer enrichment, scholarships, meetings, news, and events, as well as other web resources for college and career information.
Naviance Student offers a wide range of features for students, including:
  • Interest Inventories (Myers-Briggs, Holland Interest Codes (Career based assessment), Learning Style assessments, Strengths Finder, MI Advantage, etc.)
  • Career Exploration - Road Trip Nation, Career Assessments, Resume Building, teaches students how to match their interests with potential careers, college majors, and colleges that offer related majors.
  • College Research (using MVHS admission data, college search engines, various graphs and charts to assist students in creating potential college lists. It is also where 11th -12th grade students can sign up for college rep site visits).
  • Scholarship information - both local and national lists provided
  • Directly links to a students Common Application (senior year) so staff members can submit transcripts, recommendations, and school reports from Naviance.

Activating Your Account

Go to Student Applications and click on the Naviance Tile.  You will be automatically logged in - there is no need to have a username and password.
Click here to access your parent portal for Naviance 
For FIRST TIME USE, parents will be provided a personalized registration code to login and set up your account as a new user. This registration code will be provided to you, in an email, after the student presentations.   You will be prompted to set up your account with your own username (your email address) and a password.  Once you set this up, please save this site as a favorite on your computer.  
If you forget your password, simply click the "forgot password" link on the login portal.

Selected Features to Explore

How to Access
College Search
• Set search criteria to yield a list of colleges to explore. Save your search to access/modify later.

• Click on the various tabs of the college profile (generaladmissionsfinancial aidmajors and degrees, and student life) to learn more information.

• Add colleges in which you’re interested to yourMy Colleges list for future reference.
From the colleges link at the top of your screenr, click on Colleges Home.
Lists and matching tools to help you find scholarships that fit.
From the colleges link at the top of your screen, in the scholarships & money.
• Record your high school activities, awards, volunteer experience, etc.

• Rearrange your information into multiple printable versions of a résumé that you can use to present to potential employers or colleges in the future.
From the about me link at the top of your screen, click on my stuff, then resume.
Explore Interests
A career interest survey about interest in types of work activities. Use the results to explore suggested occupations; examine the education, training, and skills required [and where to obtain them], as well as wages typical for these occupations.
From the careers link at the top of your screen.
Do What You Are
A personal interests and personality survey. Use the results to explore suggested college majors and careers based on your preferences and strengths.
From the about me link at the top of your screen, under my assessments, click on Do What You Are.
College Search Tools
Other search tools to complement Naviance Student; some are specialized.
From the colleges link at the top of your screen, under find your fit.
Groups of types of colleges by location. Click on a college to view its profile.
From the colleges link at the top of your screen, click on research colleges.
College Application Statistics
College application statistics for the high school senior classes is available on Naviance Student. To protect student privacy, if fewer than 4 students applied to a college, the statistics are not available.
How to Access
Acceptance History
Historical overview of acceptance history, by college. Select a college to see: 

• How You Compare - Student’s test scores and GPA along with accepted students’ average test scores and GPA.
• Application History

• School Stats
• Graph
Select colleges at the top of your screen, then click on research colleges.
School Statistics
• Summary of MVHS application results (admit, deny, enroll), by year.
• Historical average GPA and SAT scores for admitted applicants, by college.
Select colleges at the top of your screen, then research colleges, then click on acceptance history.
Scattergram Graph
Historical application results (admit, deny, waitlist) are graphed as a scattergram; applicant average GPA appears on the y-axis and applicant average SAT scores on the x-axis.

For an applicant to be represented on a scattergram for a given college, three things must be present:

1. an application result (accepted or denied)
2. a GPA
3. a test score for the type of test for which you are running the scattergram

Note about calculation of averages: If, for example, a test score is not present for the SAT (2400 scale) for some students, those students' dots/crosses are not figured into the averageson the scattergram. This means that those students will not show up on the scattergram for the 2400 scale--which means that their Test Scores and GPAs will not figure into the Accepted Average displayed on the scattergram.
Select colleges at the top of your screen, then colleges home.  Enter in the name of the college you would like to look up in the search engine. Click search. Click on the name of the college you entered. Under acceptance rate, you will find a link for "Check out Scattergrams to see how this relates to you.' Click on that link.

- OR -

If the college is in your list of 'College's I'm thinking about' then click on 'more' and 'scattergrams'
College Compare
Compare your GPA and test scores to the average GPA and test scores of MVHS admitted students for a particular college (or multiple colleges).

School averages are displayed in green when your numbers are higher and in red when your numbers are lower than those of past admitted students.
Select colleges at the top of your screen.  Then, click on College Compare