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Classes of 1969, 1970, 1971

TRI-REUNION 50 years! 
Including the classes 1969, 1970 and 1971
  • Friday, Oct 4, 2019: informal gathering
  • Saturday, Oct 5, 2019: Dinner event at Blackhawk Country Club
  • Sunday, Oct 6, 2019: informal gathering
  • Reservations needed to attend
  • Please send contact info for further information to: Nancy Ohlson Tang   
  • Principal Ahern's speech to welcome Class of 1969 to Homecoming
To kick off the 2019 Homecoming, we’d like to Welcome the Original Graduating Class from 1969. 50 years ago, they were starting their Senior Year at Monte Vista and watching the first full year of Varsity Football.
They started in San Ramon High School Annex in 1965, before moving to this campus, in Jan of 1966. Contrary to popular belief, the Mustang mascot was not to honor the many horses in the valley but, instead was named for the Mustang car, which had its premiere in 1965 as well. 
Looks like we need new helmets, Coach Russi!
The school motto was "freedom means responsibility" and was upheld by their fearless leader, principal Ray Roberts and his hand-picked faculty. The school was focused on trust and mutual respect, between students and teachers. Students were encouraged to discover their full potential and to expand their educational opportunities in unique and future leaning ways. This included no bell schedule, no attendance, and a great deal of individual responsibility.
Unbeknownst to the Class of 1969, this is why in later years, we were dubbed “The Monkeys on the Hill.” 
And, we cannot forget that the first Monte Vista Varsity football game, against cross town rival, San Ramon, was won by Monte Vista and the class of 1969 took home the first trophy!!!!
Give a warm Mustang (car) welcome to the Class of 1969!!