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Eligibility Requirements

Athletes must meet several academic and behavioral standards to be on a team:
  • Minimum Class Attendance: A student must attend at least 4 periods of school (Regular Schedule) and 2 periods (Block Schedule) on the day of the event to participate in any practice or games that day.
  • Minimum Grade Point Average: Per district policy, every athlete must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average to participate on a team. Students with GPAs lower than a 2.0 may apply for a one-time academic eligibility waiver. Waivers will be granted or denied on an individual basis.  
  • Districts must establish an eligibility date following the immediately previous grading period in compliance with CIF Section Policy. This is the date on which all students become eligible and ineligible based on their officially posted grades in the immediately previous grading period. Note: This day is identified as the “Date of Determination”. 
  • Grades cannot be changed following the Date of Determination for purposes of addressing any deficiency in an individual student’s scholastic eligibility.