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Athletic PE

Student-athletes requesting Athletic PE are required to complete the required form prior to the last day of their season in order to receive credit. They no longer need to have a signed contract at the beginning of the season and they do not need to complete and turn in time cards throughout the season.  
Please click on the link for the SRVUSD APE Request Form.
We have asked coaches to share this information and our counseling office is aware of the changes.  
Athletic PE is available to grade 10-12 students who are in-season MVHS student-athletes; 10th graders must have passed the PE 9 fitness tests. This program is for highly organized, independent, and responsible MVHS athletes and is solely initiated and maintained by the student throughout their season of sport. Athletic PE is only available to those students that compete in East Bay Athletic League sports offered by Monte Vista High School. Note: Cheer and Pom do not qualify for APE as these programs do not compete within the East Bay Athletic League. Athletic PE gives students two semesters of PE credit for participating in an MVHS sport.
Students participating in an East Bay Athletic League sport are eligible to receive 10 credits of physical education for one season, one sport. Students will only receive 10 credits towards PE. Additional credits cannot be earned if participating in multiple sports. Students should check with their school’s Athletic Director for more information.