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Spring & Fall 2021 Honor Roll Certificates are available to download through June 2, 2022
You will need your student ID.
Link to access.
Congratulations! GO MUSTANGS!
Honor Role Recognition

Honor Role Recognition

The purpose of the Monte Vista High School Honor Roll Recognition program is to recognize students who achieve excellence in academics for classes taken at Monte Vista. This program is supported by Academic Boosters in conjunction with the school administration. All Honor Roll designations are made by the Counseling Department at Monte Vista.

Students who achieve a 3.5 academic GPA (grade point average) for classes taken at Monte Vista High School are placed on the Honor Roll for the semester. Students who earn Honor Roll will receive an electronic Honor Roll certificate and a candy bar. Upon earning 6-7 semesters* of Honor Roll while enrolled at Monte Vista, the student will earn the certificate, candy bar and a Graduation Honor Cord to be worn during their graduation ceremony. This Honor Cord signifies their consistent academic achievement at Monte Vista High School. 

Each spring semester, Academic Boosters volunteers will be on campus to distribute the candy bars. The days/times will be posted in the daily bulletin. The certificates will be sent to the email on file with the school. Student names will reflect school records. 

* Covid exception: Spring 2020 was a Pass/No Pass semester. The graduating classes of 2021, 2022 and 2023 will earn an Honor Cord for (5) five or more semesters of Honor Roll earned at MVHS. 

Any questions about this Honor Roll Recognition program should be directed to the Academic Boosters President at  

                                        ** GPA is tracked only for classes taken at Monte Vista**