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Clubs 2022-23

Club Meeting Minutes Form

Name of Club Club Advisor
AASHA Angie Corritone
ACEing Autism Rich Favreau
Advocates for Arts Anastasia Chrzanowski
Animal Welfare Club Gavin Long
Anime Club Noriko Nishimoto
Applied Science Heather Giovanola
Architecture club Rodger Johnson
ASU Lora Hartig
Babysitting Club Rachel Hughes
Badminton Club Brook Rogers
Baking Club Rosalind Neisinger
BANANAS Bunch Club at Monte Vista Rodger Johnson and Ani Mieras
Biochemistry Scott Getty
Biology Club Tim Hutchison
Black Student Union Stephen Brooks
Bring Change to Mind Jessica Gilmour
Business and Entrepreneurship Club Aimee Kerr
Camp Allegro Ed Cloyd
Cancer Awareness Heather Giovanola
Chemistry Olympiad Club Brady Taylor
Chess Club Emily Dolim
Classic Film Club Katherine Olson
Clean Sweep Samantha Goodman
Climate Action Now Anastasia Chrzanowski
CodeUp Bhupinder Anwar
Coding For Kids Bhupinder Anwar
Coffee Club Aimee Kerr
Cranes For Hope TBD
Creative Connoisseurs Karriena Daryanani
Creator's Guild Samantha Goodman
Crementum Jill Seidenverg
Criminal Investigation and Analysis Club (CIA) Tracy Gilcrist
Crochet Club Paige Crawford
Culture Club Rosalind Neisinger
Cybersecurity Club Bhupinder Anwar
DECA (combined with Aadi) Jared Eisenberg
Doctors Without Borders Aimee Kerr
Drama Club Christopher Connor
elephant in the room Aimee Kerr
Ethnic Studies ASB Student Union Anastasia Chrzanowski
Fantasy Football Club James Rossi
FCCLA Carol Dashiell
Fellowship of CHristian Athletes Kristin Tegeler
Filipino-American Student Union Emily Dolim
Film Club Jeff Kindley
Friends of the Special Olympics Stacy Brix
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Rodger Johnson
Garlic Bread Club Christopher Connor
Girls Who Code Anthony Peña
Give It Forward Today James Rossi
Good News Jesus Club Danielle Franco
Grateful Gatherings Melissa Trisko
Greek Heritage and Culture Club Jessica Laurence
Greenpeace Oliver Tuggle
GSA Heather Slipka
Harry Potter Club Melissa Trisko
Health Occupations Students of America Cynthia Sevin
High School Hotline Jennifer Hamilton
Hiking club Josh Cohen
Humane Society of The USA Cheryl Costello
Improv Club Christopher Connor
Indian Cultural club Oriana Yanes
Interact Club Aimee Kerr
Investment Management Composite (Investing) Jeff Kindley
Jeep Club Jessica Laurence
JSU Jessica Laurence
Key Club Emily Dolim
Kids Against Hunger Richard Henríquez
Ladies in Lit Book Club Melissa Trisko
Learning Swap Gabriel Lee
Learning4All James Rossi
LearnToBe Tutoring Club Melissa Trisko
Letters Against Isolation Solomon Ireland
Life Skills Club Kelley LaFond
Lighting and Sound Design Christopher Connor
Love for Our Elders Carol Dashiell
Math Club Alexander Allen
Middle Eastern Student Union Anastasia Chrzanowski
miso hungry Noriko Nishimoto
Model United Nations Lisa Xavier
Mountain Bike Team Julie Mello
Moxie Lisa Xavier
Music Appreciation Club Danielle Franco
Music Outreach Ed Cloyd
Muslim Student Association Melissa Trisko
MV Hoops For Humanity Stacy Brix
National Honors Society Gina Henehan
National Spanish Honor Society Soraya Estévez
Neurodiversity Awareness Club Dr. Cara Varon
Neurodiversity Club Richard Henríquez
Neuroscience Club Samantha Goodman
newventure Richard Henríquez
NFT Club Gabriel Lee
nonprofit Learning Outreach Stephen Brooks
Nutrition club Jennifer Mattinson
P Initiative Soraya Estévez
PC Building Club Bhupinder Anwar
Pete’s Club Logan Spilker
Physics Club Scott Getty
Pledge to Humanity Jill Seidenverg
Poet Street Poetry Club Rachel Hughes
Pokemon Jared Eisenberg
Programming Club Bhupinder Anwar
Project emPOWER - The Club Natalie Kendall
Radioactive Mustangs (The radio club) Katherine Olson
Rag Renew Jessica Laurence
Red Cross Danielle Alm
Red Tie Robotics Dr. David Cosca
Romance Book Club Lisa Xavier
SAA (Students Against Assault) Jennifer Mattinson
SAT Study Club Gabriel Lee
Save Our Earth Josh Cohen
Science Alliance Oliver Tuggle
Science Olympiad Chad Backsen
SDG initiatives Samantha Goodman
Senior Technology Services James Rossi
Shrek Club Lora Hartig
Sight4All Stacy Brix
Sikh club Bhupinder Anwar
Siri Kapoor TBD
Société Honoraire de Français Allison Sass
Software Engineering in Everyday Life Heather Giovanola
Spikeball Richard Henríquez
Sports Podcast Club James Rossi
Student Equity Group Carrie Leadingham
Surf Riders Julie Mello
Sustainable Heard Empowered Jessica Laurence
The American Chemical Society Brady Taylor
The D&D Club Logan Spilker
The Helping Hands Club - Medical Support Oriana Yanes
The Hidden World of Interior Design Roshni Mistry
The Pink Ribbon Family Paige Crawford
The VGC (Video Game Club) Peter Abramson
The Wildlife Club Danielle Franco
The Young Democrats Josh Cohen
Ultimate Frisbee Club Scott Getty
Understanding Your Money Wilson Pang
UNICEF Danielle Franco
Volleyball club Richard Henríquez
Voter Registration Club Annemarie McElhattan
Women in STEM (WiSTEM) Leah Baskerville
Women's Empowerment Jessica Laurence
World Events Discussion Club Jill Seidenverg
Writers' Community Logan Spilker
Zine Club Wilson Pang